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Dressing Table


Dressing Table

Dressing table is the best way to arrange your cosmetics and beauty supplements in most organized way. It not only helps you to store your make-up aides but also gives a charming, fashionable touch to the bedroom. Here are some things to consider before buying a dressing table:


There should be ample space to store your toiletries without any compromise. You should make sure that the design is not obstructing the normal storage. Many new and ultra modern designs full of curves and geometrical shapes do look great, but their interior is not suitably shaped to accommodate the toiletries properly. So you should not only concentrate on exterior design but should also check inside to ensure that you get the ample space.


Design and style

The dressing table should be your most eloquent style statement. Try to highlight it as much as you can. Use the latest designs and contemporary style with bright, catchy colors like red, blue, yellow or even bright green however if you like classic touch then you can go for traditional styles with two doors on each side and a mirror in the middle. You can find some great designs on websites like IKEA



The Dressing table should make it convenient for you to dress up and put on your makeup comfortable. You should make sure that it has a small detachable stool that perfectly fits under the design when not in use. Likewise there should be a full length mirror to make you look at yourself while dressing. There should be good provision of hanging small items like rubber band packets, Buckles etc. Build in design is best for the small bedrooms


There should be enough drawers to store various relevant items. Apart from cosmetics you would also require combs, hairbrush, hair accessories etc. So you should make sure that there is an adequate separate arrangement for accessories and cosmetics. Similarly you should also ensure that the material quality is good enough to bear frequent use, opening and closing. is a leading source in the field of dressing table and can cater to a variety of clients across different budgets and requirements. Not only so but do check out our study room design for comprehensive designs.  For more details and latest offers visit: