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Wardrobe Closet


Wardrobe Closet

Wardrobes are the best companions of your clothes. They not only store your clothes but can also add a unique character to your whole interior design scheme. Here are some different wardrobe ideas:

Open Wardrobes

Though open wardrobe designs are in vogue now-a-days, one must take the steps to promote cleanliness. It is very possible that the dust particles can settle on the clothes that are arranged on open wardrobe.  Why not try to go a little creative by adding curtains to your open wardrobes the give you the freedom to double it as open or closed wardrobe as per your likes. The open design fits into well with the modern interior designing scheme. It also provides more convenience while arranging wardrobes or choosing clothes. It also helps you to further accentuate individualism likes and give a more personal look to the room.


Traditional Wardrobes

However if you are a fan of traditional design go for traditional design with sufficient height and doors. It should not be too deep or too high. Ideally 3 set of shelves are sufficient with the proper provision for hanging the clothes. There should be a separate portion for special clothes like formal suits, occasional clothes and special outfits that you don’t need too frequently. One thing to consider is checking the space below the legs of the wardrobe. It should allow proper cleaning. In many models this space is so small that one cannot clean conveniently thus accumulating dust over a period of time. Ideal there should be at least 3 inch gap from the ground.

Study Room Wardrobe

Study room wardrobe should be spacious but not very high. It should have enough space to contain the books and study material. The best thing is to have the glass doors that make it easier to locate the books quickly.


Built-in Wardrobes

The Built-In wardrobe can be perfect for the small spaces. It saves a lot of space besides giving you a freedom from moving around the wardrobe while adjusting space. An Ideal built-in wardrobe allows you to arrange and manage your clothes without any difficulty. There should be hanging rods inside with a proper height to avoid the clothes being crumpled while hanging. You should also be sure that there is no humidity inside. You can check this by touching the walls and if there is you must take the necessary steps immediately. Humidity attracts worms and they are certainly not good for your clothes.


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