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Ideas for Best Interior Designing

Interior designing is much more than just aesthetics. It reflects the characters of the owner, the creativity put into it and also creates a certain connection with your guests, subtly inviting them to visit again. Here are 5 best interior designing ideas for home and office that will certainly amuse your guests:


Living Room

It should be spacious, filled with natural light and should not be stuffed with furniture. Light colors add the extra warmth to the room and bring in the bright feeling. Shades like light grey, cream, off-white will add visual space to your room. Adding a few pieces of art that makes you feel nostalgic can do wonders. Foldable sofas, folding chairs etc. will allow you to instantly create the space.


Bedroom Design Ideas

If you are a bit naughty at heart then try to include fast colors like blue, red, purple in most striking way while yellow, off-white and light grey are more suited for elegant, reserved people. Furniture color should be in contrast with walls. The beds should be comfortable and you can choose to add a bit more personal touch to the space immediately surrounding beds like a designer curtain, a small rack of your favorite books and your special gifts, etc.


Kitchen Designs

Light colors like, white, light yellow and creamy colors are perfect fit for a kitchen. A little splash of bright colors can be used in cabinets, drawers doors etc. to enhance its appeal. There should be adequate natural light but avoid having the window direct in from of gas stove as they can prevent you from seeing the flame. You should also have the proper provision of ventilation.  Portable, small-sized modern appliances will save space.


Home Office interior design

It should not be too spacious one detailed as that can divert your attention. Include only the most essential things like laptop, important file rack a table and a chair. Gray, blue, white, yellow and elegant green can be the preferred color scheme. Home office or a studyroom should also promote comfort in your stressed schedule. So having a small magazine rack can be a good idea.


Office Design Ideas

A perfect design for office should consider the three most important features, lighting, area and aesthetics

Windows invite the fresh air and bright light. For open offices it is a best idea to let the employees personalize at least a little surrounding areas of their sitting arrangement. Green plants can be a great asset. Try to line them up in a nicely organized way.  Blue, yellow, green color in interior decoration scheme promotes creativity. Ideally the bright colors should pop up in forms of artwork, cabins, furniture etc. while the main color schemes should be corporate.

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