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Kitchen or Pantry cabinets are the best ways to store the items while accentuating the character of the entire kitchen. Today there are many of them available in the market. But there are 4 basic factors to consider before going for it, here are the same:

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Space is one of the major factors to be taken into consideration. If you are short on space try the sleek, open design making full use of the whole structure. There should be appropriate provision for hanging smaller things like spoons, forks sieves etc in corners and other awkward angles that cannot be used for any other storage purpose. Instead of going for a separate structure, you can consider modern wall cabinets that utilize minimum space instead of occupying the usable floor area. For a bigger kitchen you can show the creativity. If you are good at interior design ideas, it is even better to get a custom one prepared according to your own ideas.



There are various styles available in the market: traditional, modular, contemporary, etc. available in many varieties: wooden, metal and other materials. The best designs are combination of convenience and fashion. Like using glass doors instead of wooden ones will not only give a contemporary look but also makes it easier for you to locate the item when you need them. Similarly attractive hanging provisions will make it easier for you to take out the small things like spoon, knife etc. without having to open the doors again and again. If you have an unusable area in the kitchen like say, the triangular area between cooking range and store room, you can consider a shape that can perfectly fit into that space.



You should also be mindful of the price. It is always better to decide the maximum cap before choosing a cheap kitchen cabinet. One should keep into mind the all inclusive expenses: material. Installation, labor charges, transportation etc. In absence of that there is a chance of overspending. Another golden rule is to keep a margin of 30% for the extra unforeseen expenses on customization or other services.  We offer reasonable price for all our series of kitchen cabinet designs.



Color also plays a decisive role in your choice. The ideal color is the one that can seamlessly fit into the existing color scheme. Using, for instance, a bright red color in the background of cream colored walls can be bit unnatural. The color should complement the surrounding colors instead of creating its own distinct identity. One of the main aesthetic responsibilities of a cabinet is to assist the surrounding colors. Like a light orange color can easily blend with cream or yellowish color. Some of the most popular colors are white, red, green, black, cherry and maple.

Kitchen-Cabinet-Slider-Modern-Red11 offers not only these “visual beauties” add a unique character to your kitchen, also helps you the items in most organized way due to their convenient design, adequate space and easy storage options. Each design is conceptualized by qualified and well experienced design experts and meets the exact requirements for extended convenience and unique style. Check out our new series of TV cabinet designs from our bedroom session.

Be it for commercial project or residential cabinet jobs, we cater all. Call +60124852229 for latest factory offers now!



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