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Living Room Interior Design


Living Room Interior Design

Living room is the place in the house that needs to be a little informal and with a personal touch. It requires to be planned in a way that makes you feel connected and induces a feeling of belongingness. It is the place that keeps on inviting you no matter where you are. So it should be planned accordingly here are some ideas:


An ideal living room should not be stuffed with plenty furniture. A few chairs, tables and Sofa are enough. One should also make sure to avoid too many flashy decorative pieces inside a living room. Foldable furniture can do wonders in giving the space a contemporary look.


Color and Style

You can use cool warm colors like light gray, off white and white color that will induce a feeling of warmth and belongingness. It is also advisable that for a small living room one should go for multicolor scheme where you can choose to use bright colors popping up in form of furniture against the background of warm colors. It will give a slightly bigger look to the room/


Things to remember

A good dose of natural light will make the room look brighter and lively. So there should be lots of windows. The walls should contain a few art pieces that you personally like and can relate to. Your best photos on the wall can also do wonders to the whole interior scheme.  Try to use big wallpapers especially depicting some nostalgic painting like an old house, a natural scenery, birds and mountains. Such wallpapers have an instant magical effect on soothing every strained nerve and fill you with a feeling of well being. Though you may wish to personalize it, try not to be too “flashy” a simple natural living room is much more connective than a big flashy room stuffed with art pieces and furniture. is a leading source of best living room cabinets bet it modern or traditional design. For latest offers please call +60124852229