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Ideal Study Room Design

Study room is the place in the house that should have a very peaceful ambiance. As soon as one enters the place he should be completely transported to a world of peace. Here are some great ideas to plan an ideal study room:



The space should be slightly spacious. A good arrangement of various necessary furniture like study table chair, racks etc can save a lots of space and also gives a minimal look to the entire scheme that is recommendable to promote an educational atmosphere



You can either go for a full fledged perfectly planned library loaded with books for spacious rooms. For small spaces, however, you can use a rack of books containing the best books on your favorite topics or as an aide to your children studies. It is also advisable to maintain separate racks of children books, teenage books and fiction/non-fiction books. It will offer perfect options to choose from while locating a book related you a certain category



Normally people keep study rooms devoid of any decoration to maintain the educational atmosphere. However you can choose plants and flowers to give a natural decoration to the room. Such decoration will serve the purpose without distracting the mind. Likewise you can go for a good painting or 2 on the walls. Such things will certainly add to the decoration without distracting the mind.


Color scheme

Certain colors like orange, yellow and blue are considered to be conducive to learning. SO it is recommendable to use such colors while planning the color scheme. The best thing is to use a blend of various colors that are considered to promote the creativity and learning to enhance the learning inclination with creativity.

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